These Philly Tech Companies will be at Entrepreneur Expo 2019

On May 8, 2019, Philly Startup Leaders will showcase 140 Philadelphia tech companies at The Fillmore Philadelphia. 

If your tech-based company operates within the Greater Philadelphia Area, we would love to have you at Entrepreneur Expo!

Activations from 2-foot tables to 10×10 booths are available, but only until 3/31! Act fast if you want to demo alongside these amazing companies. Get yours today at

Thanks to our sponsors, Philly Startup Leaders is able to offer scholarship opportunities for qualifying early-stage startups who would otherwise not be able to participate in the event. Scholarship tables are limited and we encourage those who feel qualified to apply early.

Meet the Early Birds who couldn’t WAIT to snag their spots at this year’s #entrepreneurexpo. 

Ad Tech & Digital Marketing

  • Majux is a digital marketing agency in Center City, Philadelphia.
  • SocioSquares is a Martech firm with a creative mind!

Data, Privacy and IT Solutions

  • Crossbeam is a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships.
  • Linode provides high performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastructure needs.
  • Privakey enables companies to implement consistent biometric identity confirmation at all customer touch points to improve the convenience of any secure interaction.
  • Stitch is a cloud-first, developer-focused platform for rapidly moving data.
  • Tri-Force Inc provides innovative software application solutions to Government and Commercial Sectors


  • Cotton Wars is an exclusive community of creatives competing in themed t-shirt design contests for significant prize money.
  • ReturnLogic helps retailers optimize their product returns strategy.
  • SideShare is a peer to peer tool rental marketplace.

Ed Tech (Educational Technology)

  • Leadovate is the only learning platform that provides personalized admissions guidance to college applicants to help increase their chances of acceptance and financial aid.
  • Play Pattern teaches design and wearable technology.

Fin Tech (Financial Technology)

  • 1Konto crypto and traditional asset brokerage – custom pairs at the best price
  • Nth Round enables founders, family members, investors and key employees to buy or sell their shares at any time, with no worries or hassle.
  • Plan Management Corp. (OptionTrax) is an easy-to-use SaaS platform for equity comp administration and cap table management.
  • Tamman builds the inclusive web with digital experiences focus on function, style and performance.


Graphic Design & Creative Services

  • Penji provides on-demand graphic design helping startups, agencies, and marketing teams achieve more.
  • LRV produces videos and branded content to promote brands and ideas through visual storytelling.


  • Indepence Blue Cross is the largest health insurance provider in Philadelphia.
  • Bainbridge Health improves patient safety and reduces avoidable costs for hospitals by mitigating the risk of medication errors.
  • Health Genie is an organizational app that helps manage your family’s healthcare.
  • Neuroflow is the leader in behavioral health access and engagement
  • RoundTrip drives better health outcomes by innovating patient transportation

Hospitality & Travel

  • Hopskip provides hotel booking for group travelers.

Human Resources & Employee Benefits

  • Justworks helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence by giving them access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools, and compliance support — all in one place.
  • Swirl focuses on inclusive relationship building at work by connecting employees with similar interests and different backgrounds.

IoT & Hardware

  • The Connected Device Group (CDG) is your ‘one stop shop’ for designing and developing connected medical, industrial and consumer electronics devices.

Marketing & Consumer Research

  • Clutch transforms the way companies identify, understand and motivate their customers.

Media & Press

  • is the best read local tech news site in the country; they also help people find jobs they love.

MedTech & BioTech (Medical & Biological Technology)

  • Group K Diagnostics is revolutionizing patient care with accurate, fast, and affordable diagnoses.
  • Info Robot uses Artificial Intelligence to predict clinical trial outcomes.

NonProfits & Networks Serving Entrepreneurs and Startups

  • Philly Startup Leaders is the city’s largest network of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help founders succeed in Philadelphia and beyond
  • The Science Center turns bright ideas into businesses and nurture a workforce to support a 21st century economy.
  • PACT‘s (The Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology) vision is to be the go-to resource for fast growing companies and a driver of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Philadelphia region.
  • Trajectify helps Founders become CEOs, offering business and leadership coaching and consulting.

Real Estate & Workspace

  • Dwell City is a web platform that helps landlords rent to low- and middle- income tenants with confidence.
  • WEach Seats transforms premier restaurants into daytime workspaces, providing professionals with a reliable network of inspiring and productive drop-in places to work.
  • CIC Philly‘s mission is to maximize the impact of the world’s most promising entrepreneurs by creating a workspace for science and technology companies.
  • WeWork offers workspace from desks to offices and entire headquarters and creates environments for productivity, innovation, and connection.

Sales Solutions & Metric Tracking Platforms

  • QuotaPath‘s easy-to-use software redefines the way sales teams calculate their commissions.
  • Vetd is a buying platform for B2B SaaS products.
  • My Leads Site is a one-stop innovative mobile platform for leads management automation.

Service Providers

  • Baer Crossey is a boutique law firm catering to the startup community.
  • Morgan Lewis sees their clients as partners. Whether you’ve been with them for days or decades, whether you’re today’s industry leader or tomorrow’s game-changer, they’re always responsive and always on.

Social Media & Connectivity Platforms

  • Nomo FOMO connects travelers in person with their networks so they can enjoy more experiences together.
    Squawkr is a user-generated live audio platform to steam companion commentary for televised sports.

Transportation, Ridesharing & Infrastructure

  • DrayNow connects intermodal freight with drivers on the industry’s first platform and marketplace.
  • Trust and Go is an app and social network that will change the way busy parents transport their kids forever.

Web Development

  • Zivtech is a full service digital agency that specializes in open-source web development.


  • LeagueSide is the nation’s leading youth sports sponsorship platform – they make it simple and effective for regional and national brands including Cigna, Verizon, CHOP, and Chipotle to reach the 35+ million families involved in youth sports.
  • My Package Post prevents package theft in Philadelphia.
  • Slyce visual search allows you to find products inspired by the objects you see out in the real world, in print catalogs or in photos.

We said it once, but we’ll say it again!

If your tech-based company operates within the Greater Philadelphia Area, we would love to have you at Entrepreneur Expo!

Activations from 2-foot tables to 10×10 booths are available, but only until 3/31! Act fast if you want to demo alongside these amazing companies. Get yours at


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