About PSL


Our mission is to help current and future founders succeed in Philadelphia and beyond.

What’s a startup? We view our core audience as companies that have the potential to grow exponentially when they find success. While most companies in the community participate in the tech sector, startups can exist in any industry, including healthcare, hardware, and education.


We envision Philadelphia to be a place where everyone can achieve their entrepreneurial potential as part of a collaborative startup and innovative community.

We’re not here to compete with other cities — we’re here to hold ourselves to a high standard of consistent growth and progress that can set up future generations of Philadelphia startups for success.


In pursuing our mission and vision, we are committed to the following core values. No matter the economic outcome, if we fail to live up to these values in achieving our vision, we have failed in our work.

We care about progress, not credit. PSL is committed to working collaboratively with other organizations in our community, and we will always prioritize results over recognition.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
We believe that every Philadelphian should have the opportunity to participate in our city’s growing startup ecosystem, and will proactively invest to create such opportunities. Our events, programming, and content will be designed and executed inclusively, and those involved will be representative of the city in which we live.

Our community has a right to know who leads PSL, how we are governed, and how to provide feedback that can shape our decisions. We will be transparent, accessible, and receptive to feedback.

While there are countless ways to give back and create value in our city, we will focus our resources on one: The PSL mission. Our skills make us uniquely positioned to create value in this area, and that focus will increase our chances of success.


Philly Startup Leaders began in September of 2007 when a small, loosely-knit community of Philadelphia entrepreneurs decided to meet up on a regular basis to help each other through the challenges of building their companies.

Over the next decade and beyond, PSL has grown into a community of thousands of entrepreneurs who support each other and believe in the vision of building a flourishing startup community in Philadelphia.

While PSL was originally founded as an all-volunteer, and grassroots organization, it has now grown to support a full-time staff and serves as an organizer and representative for Philadelphia’s startup and innovation economies. We still rely heavily on volunteers from our membership to support our events, contribute to our educational programs, and share build on organic connections that happen in the community.

We are thankful to our annual and event sponsors who support us throughout the year and allow for our programs and events to serve our community each year.

Our Team

Kiera Smalls

Executive Director

Jaclyn Allen

Head of Programs

Board of Directors

Jenn Maher

Board President

Bob Moore

Board Chair

Todd Outten

Morgan Berman

Chris Wink

Rudy J. Ellis

Luke Butler

Liz Brown

Brianna Wronko

AJ Bruno

Jon Gosier

Brigitte Daniel

Special Advisor for D&I

Michelle Berkoben

Sponsors and Partners

As a non-profit organization, Philly Startup Leaders is largely supported by the generosity of our annual sponsors. Their contributions allow Philly Startup Leaders to continue to help startups and entrepreneurs in the Greater Philadelphia area find success.

If you would like more information regarding sponsorship opportunities with PSL, please reach out to engage@phillystartupleaders.org

Partner Organizations

Good things come from community

We partner with local and national organizations that are aligned with our mission of building and growing Philadelphia’s startup community. We work with these allies to coordinate events, share updates across our memberships, and include voices from every stakeholder group in our community.

If your organization is interested in collaborating with Philly Startup Leaders, please complete this form. We look forward to learning more about your organization, the communities you serve, and the role you play in the Philly startup scene!

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