PSL began in September of 2007 as a handful of entrepreneurs meeting in the back of a neighborhood bar to trade war stories

After an incredible evening of sharing experiences and giving advice to our peers, we decided to meet again a few weeks later. Word soon spread that we had assembled a great group of ambitious young minds, and our ranks began to swell. Within a couple of months, our meetings outgrew the back room of the bar, and we knew that something special was happening.

Fast-forward just 4 months later and PSL had grown to well over 150 members. We saw an opportunity to turn our small group—itself a startup—into something more ambitious: a force for growth in our members’ lives and our members’ companies. We held our first leadership meeting in February of 2008. There, the group rallied around the problems that frustrated us most: lack of early stage funding, lack of mentors, difficulty finding the right support and resources, and lack of access to affordable talent.

Rather than look to others for solutions, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Leaders volunteered to tackle each problem. Out of their determination, our flagship initiatives were born, which continue today.

PSL is a volunteer-driven, grassroots organization. The success of our group lies in the hands of our members. In order to get the most out of PSL, it is imperative that members take an active role in planning events, contributing to workshops, and share their knowledge and expertise with other members.